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Wrist Dialer For Wear Privacy Policy

Updated: March 14, 2017. |

Collection of information

Because Wrist Dialer For Wear is not required to create an account to use this Application
So we're not collect your personal informations such as email, password, your name, avatar or your contact phone number, call history, sms history.
We're only view the total ammount of user currently install / unintall, daily intall, your comment about our application which was provided default by Google Play developer console.


Currently this application use Admob and StartApp for Advertising, so your click or impresstion to there ads network will be trackted by Admob and StartApp

App Permission

Read contacts
We're read your contact to add phone number for your Wear to read and make a call
We're not send your contact through internet

Read Phone State
We're using this to read your phone state, to know when the call is processing or not, to display the right screen to your android wear

Access Internet, Wifi State and network state
Because we are using Admob and StartApp to display ads so we have to add this permission because it is mandatory to add this permission to display the ads.

Call Phone and process out going calls
We're using this permission to make a call from your mobile We're not tracking your call history including save it on devices or send through the internet

Modify audio setting
We're using this permission for the turn on the Speaker features, it's allow to switch from calling normally to a Speaker

Read call logs
We're using this feature to verify the call, and we're not save your logs inside your phone storage or send it through the internet.

Contact us,

please email us at nguyenduythanh25790@gmail.com or write to:
So 11 Ngo 11 Duong Tay Ho
Quan Tay Ho
Ha Noi
Viet Nam




Our Bunker

11 Ngo 11
Tay Ho str,
Ha Noi - Viet Nam.